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By Fernando Sanchez Oct 4, 2015

Candle Light Event (San Jose State 20151004)

Epsilon Chi has a tradition when it comes to bringing our pledge classes together and our chapter; we call this event Candle Light. A Candle Light is a ceremony of open forum, and the topic is you. Each brother takes a moment to hold the candle and speak amongst the brothers that are present and share their story, experience, or perspective. This ceremony is our sanctuary at Epsilon Chi and has been going on for over 6 years, every semester when it comes to a new pledge class being initiated. However this Candle Light was not about new initiates but the dynamics and culture change of Epsilon Chi compared to 3 years ago. We discussed how the culture of our Chapter is slowly transforming into TFTC, (Too Frat To Care) instead of the selfless, humble, gentlemen we were once not long ago. One passage we all remember was from Brother Andrew Harford. He stated, “From the day I came to ATO (Epsilon Chi) I noticed the acceptance I felt through these door. I was not judged for how I spoke or the way I dressed. They accepted me with open arms and since then, I have never looked back. If we want to move forward, we have to acknowledge that we need to work hard every day and be humble while we succeed. We must respect our brothers and know our roots. Who is going to want to associate themselves with us if they do not feel respected? Respect is not given but earned.” After he gave his speech everyone jumped on the direction he was going. It went over 4 hours and it was not always a negative aspect but more of an enlightenment mindset. At the end our Brother Frankie Santalises guided us in a tradition they did at De La Salle, he told us to go up to everyone hug one another and tell one another we love each other. Epsilon Chi plans on moving forward and getting involved on campus and sending their positive attitude to the San Jose State University Community. 

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