Epsilon Delta Flag Football Playoff Rematch Lives Up to Expectations

North Dakota State - Epsilon Delta

By Johnny Dunn Oct 8, 2021

Epsilon Delta Flag Football Playoff Rematch Lives Up to Expectations

In the highly anticipated rematch of the regular-season matchup, the “ATO 1” squad defeated the “ATO 2” squad once again. However, this rematch resulted in an even closer margin of victory for ATO 1, as ATO 2 was in the game until the final play. The game was clinched by the interception made by brother Mitchell Arends, who had 3 interceptions in the previous meeting between the two squads. The game was full of controversial turns. ATO 2 regretably had to start on defense for both halves of the game after a crucial miscommunication during the coin toss. On the other side, ATO 1 was displeased with the officials just before halftime. This was because ATO 2 was allowed to snap the ball when there shouldn’t have been any time left to the first half. ATO 2 went ahead and scored on the play, further adding controversy to the mistake by the official. With all this being the case, ATO 1 will advance to the next round and they will now receive the chapter’s full support as they make a push for the intermural championship.

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