Gamma Rho Honored During Half Time of Mizzou's Home Opener

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By Nick Perryman Sep 3, 2017

Gamma Rho Honored During Half Time of Mizzou's Home Opener (Missouri 20170903)

Shortly after Mizzou Football kicked off the second half of their home opener against the Missouri State Bears, Gamma Rho was honored by the University for their participation in the "Mizzou Mile" challenge. The challenge, which was in August last year, brought the MU community together to stand up for the value which we hold dear. In a video that played while nearly fifty members of Gamma Rho waited on the south endzone, Mizzou leaders such Coach Barry Odom, Coach Cuonzo Martin, Dean of Students Jeff Zeliniga, UM System President Mun Choi, Black Studies Chair Stephanie Shonekan, Student Body President Nathan Willett, Coach Robin Pington, Chancellor Alexander Cartwright, amongst others, said the "Principles of Community Pledge". You can watch the entire video here: After the video pledge, the PA announcer honored Gamma Rho by name. Gamma Rho looks forward to working with campus leaders to spread the Principles of Community pledge and to working everyday to uphold them! Additionally, Gamma Rho would like to thank campus leaders and the Mizzou Office of Diversity for their hard work to advance our campus. You can sign the pledge yourself here: 

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