More Than Martial Arts

North Texas - Kappa Gamma

By Andrew Cain Feb 15, 2018

More Than Martial Arts

By Andrew Cain, North Texas ’15

I volunteer as the coordinator for a national competitive demonstration team where I see tremendous growth in confidence and skill level of each individual on the team. I dedicate time during the week during which I choreograph routines, cut music, and schedule performances for the team all in preparation for their national competition. Each Sunday I open the school to them where we practice the performance and routines for any upcoming events. I have watched several kids join this team and gain leadership skills they would not have found anywhere else. It is a surreal moment to see them confidently walk into their weekly classes eager to assist in any way possible.

I am also a manager and senior certified instructor of a martial arts school. I could have never imagined the growth I would experience being the manager of a facility. About eight years ago, I started assisting my instructor with teaching classes. Throughout the years, I have shown my dedication by assisting with weekly classes and teaching weekend private lessons. There is a lot that this entails but the most rewarding part is by far working with young students and guiding these kids along their journey. Watching them face and persevere through adversity, such as belt promotions, is such an incredible experience. I can truly say that I love what I do and I have learned what a humble leader is.

It has been a humbling experience to be apart of these amazing programs and impact so many students’ lives. These experiences have taught me a great deal about managing people and what true servant leadership is — serving others with their growth in mind. Although these two experiences have given me great opportunities for growth, they are only part of my journey. I have encountered several people that have given me the same encouragement and confidence that I work hard to give to each and every one of my students.

For example, the growth I have experienced could not have been reached without the coupled support from both my martial arts and my chapter brothers. Alpha Tau Omega has given me the opportunity to develop and apply the principles taught within the fraternity to my own life and endeavors. I cannot thank those inside the fraternity enough for the guidance and encouragement to grow and develop as a man. I believe that I would not be the man I am today without Alpha Tau Omega.

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