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By Thomas De Angelus Jr. Feb 19, 2018

Virginia Tech – Theta Delta Chapter – Sweetheart Spotlight (Virginia Tech 20180219)

"ATO Sweetheart Spotlight" is a new initiative depicting the significance our sweethearts play in our fraternity's success at the Theta Delta Chapter of Virginia Tech. This second edition of ATO Sweetheart Spotlight features our Diana Doan. Diana, a current senior was introduced to the fraternity her freshman year through her best friends, and current brothers of the fraternity in the Alpha Pledge Class. These three gentlemen (Chris Koscho, Dan Safewright, and Ryan McVicker) brought her out to ATO events whether it was philanthropies, social events, or even just getting food with brothers. To Diana, "These were just the guys I could vibe with the best and be myself with". Diana became a sweetheart spring semester of her sophomore year during Valentine's Day. Her favorite ATO memory revolves around going to Myrtle Beach every year and spending time with "100+ of your best friends" as she put it. Diana contributes to the fraternity by bringing the sorority/fraternity relationship with Alpha Chi Omega. Diana noted "Since we both have the same philanthropy, it was very important for me to strengthen our relations with each other". Diana believes being a sweetheart means being seen as an equal, "Being able to say that I am a sweetheart of ATO means a lot. I know the brothers value me and respect my opinions just as much as they would any other brother". She went on to mention how "many other people don't get the same opportunity and honor that I have received. Growing up, I always wanted a brother close to my age. I feel like now I have over 200+ brothers and alumni I know that will always have my back, and that I will always have theirs". The impact goes beyond college for her as "These are the guys that will be there for my biggest life events like my wedding". After graduation, Diana will in Charlotte, NC working for McAdams, a civil engineering land development firm. We wish Diana the best and thank her for the time she dedicated to our fraternity over the years. 

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