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Virginia Tech - Theta Delta

By Thomas De Angelus Apr 27, 2018

Virginia Tech – Theta Delta Chapter – Sweetheart Spotlight (Virginia Tech 20180427)

The last Sweetheart Spotlight of the semester pertains senior, Jenny Hawk. Jenny was introduced to the fraternity by her sorority grand big, Caitlin Werle. Caitlin, one of the original sweethearts of this chapter introduced Jenny to her boyfriend, Mateo Pelja. The two of them took Jenny “under their wing”. She was introduced to all the other guys in the fraternity through bonfires and other adventures during the summer in between her freshman and sophomore year. Jenny became a sweetheart in the fall of her sophomore year where she says her favorite memory is having a massive snowball fight with 15 brothers, in addition to sledding and building snowmen. Jenny feels she most contributes to the fraternity through recruiting. She is very proud of the men she has brought out to rush mentioning, “It brings me such joy to watch them continue to grow as leaders and people”. When asked what being a sweetheart of our chapter means, Jenny replied “Having a support system that has raised me up on my worst days and celebrated alongside me on my best”. In addition, she stated “It means being a part of something that is ever-growing, changing, and bettering me as a person”. Jenny closed the interview noting how funny it is that something she never would have seen coming four years ago, has completely changed the scope of her life. Jenny elaborated mentioning “I cannot begin to imagine where I would be without the people I have met who have taught me endless lessons about life. I will forever be grateful for the chance this brotherhood took on me”. We are sad to see Jenny leave us after graduation, but we are excited for all her future endeavors. The fraternity has benefitted from the longest tenured sweetheart in our chapter’s short history. It is with individuals like herself we will continue to succeed in the coming years. Jenny, thank you for everything you have done for this fraternity! 

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