Here are a list of resources for 2021 National Awards Celebration.


Day 1


  1. NAC Attendee Schedule
  2. Pre-Conference evaluation:
  3. ATO Print materials: 5 Vitals, 4 Biggest Mistakes, Best activities to motivate your chapter @Jaden Brown is there anything else being handed out?

Day 2


  1. Recrutiment anything? @Erin Chatten@Jaden Brown
  2. LC meeting anything @Jaden Brown
  3. Erin/Colin handout from session @Erin Chatten@Colin Warner

Day 3


  1. Men of Destiny anything? @Levi Shearon
  2. Gallup data resources @Aaron Bauer I’m emailing Wynn now w/ you to define what this means.
  3. Post-Conference evaluation (same as pre)