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Walk Hard Final Day

21 April

Pictured is all of our walkers at the finish line! This is the first year of Walk Hard that all members were able to complete the walk with no one having to drop out due to medical issues. On behalf of Kappa Lambda we are so proud of all of…

Walk Hard Day 7

21 April

During March our brothers embarked on a journey that they will remember for years to come. All the guys were getting really excited on Day 7 as we entered Rockford and prepared for our final day of the walk. Unfortunately it rained on us, but we battled through! 

Day 6 Walk Hard

9 April

Day 6 and we are still going strong! We do not have too much longer on the trail, pictured is 4 of our Walkers. Thank you to all who have donated to our cause.

Walk Hard Day 5

9 April

Today we had a lot of great views, including the Muskegon River. Thanks to some great weather, spirits were high for the guys as we continue along the trail!

Walk Hard Day 4

9 April

Pictured are all of the Walkers on Day 4 getting ready to leave the church. The church that we have stayed at for years made us these banners and raised money towards our cause, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, thank you !

Walk Hard Day 3

9 April

Day 3 of Walk Hard and we made it to the White Pine Trail, the trail was very icy and wet, but we made it through. Thank you to our support team helping us out!

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