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ATO Roadshow is designed to promote ATO success stories

When you ask someone about a Greek organization, the typical response is negative. That is a response of which we are not proud. The Greek community and our organization does not get the credit they deserve for the positive things they do. For example, not many people know that last year ATO donated millions of dollars to charities through philanthropy and service.

ATO Roadshow is here to raise awareness and change perceptions. ATO is at the forefront of promoting our chapters’ and individual members’ successes and ATO Roadshow is designed to promote these success stories. We believe our chapters and our members are doing amazing things, and we want to share that with everyone.

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Rush Alpha Tau Omega

Rush Alpha Tau Omega

By David Strickland

Contact our rush chairs or visit the rush tab on our website for more information…

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Zack Kriner - Brother of the Week

Zack Kriner – Brother of the Week

By Nelson Ortiz

We can always count on our Brother of the Week, Zack Kriner to share some…

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Brother of the Week - Evan Doré

Brother of the Week – Evan Doré

By Timothy Durr

This week's Brother Spotlight is Evan Doré. Evan has recently made great strides in his…

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By Nathan Ferguson

This year, the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega hosted a philanthropy just in time. Our…

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Kappa Kappa Chapter No Kid Hungry Fundraiser

Kappa Kappa Chapter No Kid Hungry Fundraiser

By Patrick Schroeder

This week, ATO at the College of William & Mary launched a fundraiser to help…

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