ATO Roadshow is designed to promote ATO success stories

When you ask someone about a Greek organization, the typical response is negative. That is a response of which we are not proud. The Greek community and our organization does not get the credit they deserve for the positive things they do. For example, not many people know that last year ATO donated millions of dollars to charities through philanthropy and service.

ATO Roadshow is here to raise awareness and change perceptions. ATO is at the forefront of promoting our chapters’ and individual members’ successes and ATO Roadshow is designed to promote these success stories. We believe our chapters and our members are doing amazing things, and we want to share that with everyone.

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Theta Pi is ready for Recruitment Season

Theta Pi is ready for Recruitment Season

By Garrett Willingham, May 26, 2022

It’s never too early to start recruiting for the fall. Theta Pi Brothers Mikhail Ramirez,…

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ETA NU - GPA Recognition

ETA NU – GPA Recognition

By Tyler Martin, May 26, 2022

ETA NU is proud to announce that our chapter has achieved the highest GPA among…

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Eta Nu Highest GPA

Eta Nu Highest GPA

By Heath Chasse, May 26, 2022

Our chapter continues to hold the highest GPA out of all Fraternities at Middle Tennessee…

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Student Government Elections

Student Government Elections

By Eli Starrett, May 18, 2022

Multiple brothers of the Beta Delta Chapter were recently selected to serve in the Student…

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ΑΤΩ Elevate

ΑΤΩ Elevate

By Garrett Willingham, May 18, 2022

Five of our Brothers in Theta Pi spent this past week at ΑΤΩ Elevate in…

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