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Northern Kentucky - Theta Omega

NKU’s Benefit Dinner

May 4, 2023

On April 14th, our chapter raised $43,000 for Saint Elizabeths Breast Cancer Center. All proceeds from this event will go towards equipment that will help so many people. We all look forward to this event because of the impact that it has on the people that need it.

ATO Leads

May 4, 2023

At our previous philanthropy benefit dinner NKU's own Bonita Brown made an appearance. We are all so thankful for her speaking at our event and seeing what ATO is really about. This is a big deal to our chapter because we are all about having a positive image at our…

ATO Leads Intramurals

May 4, 2023

ATO's intramural soccer team wins the championship!

ATO and KD Intermural Soccer

May 4, 2023

ATO and KD Take the championship in NKU's intermural soccer.

Camp Ernist Service

May 4, 2023

ATO is dedicated to serving the community and helping those in need. One of the ways we do this is by volunteering our time and resources to support local organizations and events. One such event is Camp Ernist.

Brother Of the Week

May 4, 2023

Logan Howell has been nominated as brother of the week for his time in ATO. Logan is a senior that is graduating this spring with a degree in accounting and finance. We can't even begin to explain how much he has done for our chapter and all of us at…

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