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If you’re looking for a place where you belong, a place to have fun, and a place where you can grow and develop in meaningful ways with like-minded individuals, ATO is that place.

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The ATO Experience

If you’re looking for a place where you belong, a place to have fun, and a place where you can grow and develop in meaningful ways with like-minded individuals, ATO is that place.

But more than a place, Alpha Tau Omega is an opportunity. It allows you to be part of something much bigger than a college experience, a brotherhood that makes a difference and a brotherhood with a strong values-based foundation.

Since 1865, Alpha Tau Omega has been a provider of amazing opportunities. More than 234,000 men have become ATOs and taken advantage of an experience that is like nothing else.

As America’s Leadership Development Fraternity, ATO provides a great opportunity for young men who are looking for a truly unique fraternity experience.


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The ATO Experience

Imagine being part of a brotherhood of highly motivated and intelligent men who will encourage you when you need it, carry you when times are tough, and build you up to unleash your potential. “As iron sharpens iron,” ATO challenges you to be better than you were yesterday. Alpha Tau Omega is known as America’s Leadership Development Fraternity because of our strong emphasis on preparing our members to be leaders on their campus and in the community. Over the past year, ATO donated more than the equivalent of $8.1 million to philanthropies and communities, holding true to the creed of ATO: “to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world.”


Holding a chapter office gives you the opportunity to gain real world experience immediately. Imaging being chapter president leading a group of your brothers, or being public relations chair and promoting your fraternity. There is no replacement for learning by doing.


ATO gives you the opportunity to find a family away from home and connect with people in a meaningful way. You have people to support you, people to turn to when you need help, and a camaraderie that is impossible to duplicate on campus.


ATO gives you the opportunity to earn high marks in academics. With 140 chapters, 22 percent of chapters earn above a 3.0. Through more than $400,000 from the ATO Foundation annually, ATO helps pay for college educations through national, chapter-specific, and regional scholarships. College students who join a greek organization are more likely to graduate than those who do not.


The Positive Experience and the Positive Experience Guide provides ATO members with the opportunity to have a consistent membership education experience, free of hazing. ATO is also the first and only Fraternity that gives you the opportunity to develop your character through spiritual development. Every initiate of ATO receives a copy of the ATO Devotional, a guide to living life according to ATO principles.


ATO gives you the opportunity to make an impact on your campus and in your community through involvement in community service and philanthropy. Last year, ATO chapters donated the equivalent of $8.1M worth of dollars-donated and hours-served.


When you join ATO, you get the opportunity to form lifelong bonds of friendship. Through the innovative programs like OmegaFi and MyATO (chapter-focused social networking communities and operational tools), staying connected to brothers post-graduation has never been easier.


More than 150,000 living alumni give you the best opportunity to plug in to an immense network of successful professionals spanning every industry imaginable. And, with a functioning Boards of Trustees, members have the opportunity to have local support and guidance from volunteers that have the experience necessary to help make sound decisions.


Student Testimonials
"I joined because Alpha Tau Omega influences me, and all who are involved, to hold the self to superior moral code; a moral code that is much stronger than where I would ever be without joining this brotherhood."

When I got to college, a fraternity was never #1 on my priority list; due to the fact I didn’t think I was going to be able to balance school work with the time commitment of a fraternity. The only thing I wanted to do was be involved, with something, anything, just wasn’t sure about the fraternal commitment. I am a firm believer in the notion that we attract a certain quality of life based upon the people we surround ourselves with. In joining ATO, I was able to surround myself with motivated, strong minded gentlemen. After only popping my head into the house for a few weeks, the presence of true leaders stood at every corner. ATO has given me a chance to be a part of something bigger than me; a chance to live my life based upon the qualities of what it takes to be a member of an organization as strong as Alpha Tau Omega. In the process of becoming a member, I got the chance to learn the history and the principles of what our founders truly believed in. This Fraternity is much more than the amazing relationships it brings into my life. This Fraternity gives me a foundation in which to work towards, always striving to live with the morals that ATO stands for. These are the morals that inspire me to work as hard as I do on an everyday basis.

Jacobe Naracher
Albion College
"ATO has made an impact in many facets of my life within just a few years. It started with developing relationships with other men that shared similar aspirations and morals."

Coming into college, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I never thought I'd fit into a fraternity. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but then I saw ATO. They were different. All strong, like-minded men. All eager to reach success and improve day to day in the process. I knew as soon as I heard the recruitment chair of my class speak, that ATO was the only fraternity for me. Now I have more brothers than I ever imagined having.

Del Marshal
Florida Gulf Coast University