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What Am I Joining?

You are joining a national brotherhood and network of over 227,000 members that is considered a top-tier division 1 organization among all national fraternities! Although each chapter has things that make them unique, ATO is nationally respected as America’s Leadership Development Fraternity for giving men the opportunity to surround themselves with leaders that challenge them to always live better than they were yesterday.

How Do I Join?

Depending on what university you are attending, there are multiple ways to join ATO! Attend an involvement fair, participate in your campus’ rush week activities, reach out to the ATO chapter on your campus – or attend an ATO recruitment event! Contact your Greek Life office to learn more about the process of joining a fraternity on you campus.

What Is A Bid?

Once a man has decided that he would like to join ATO, and the members of the local chapter feel that he embodies the characteristics of a member of the fraternity, they can offer him a formal invitation to join – also known as a bid.

Are There Scholarships?

ATO nationally offers over $100,000 in scholarships for initiated members to apply for as well as some scholarships specific to individual chapters. For more information on these scholarships, check out the ATO Foundation tab on the main page of the website.

ATO also offers the Distinct Advantage Scholarship for men that excelled during high school in the areas of Leadership, Scholarship, and Citizenship. You can apply for the Distinct Advantage Scholarship by clicking on the link on the JoinATO page.

What Is A Founding Father?

A Founding Father is a man that decides he wants to be in a fraternity that is known for something different than having the stereotypical “frat” experience and makes the decision to help start a new chapter of ATO on his campus. A Founding Father is a leader and will set the foundation for the fraternity for years to come.

How Can I Bring ATO To My Campus?

If ATO is not currently on your campus, contact your Greek Life office to let them know you would like to help start an ATO chapter. Then email the ATO National Director of Expansion at for more information or submit an interest form above in the “Contact Us!” section.

What About The Time Commitment?

If you think about your weekly schedule right now, you probably set aside times for things like lunch and studying. Joining ATO does not mean you have to rewrite your whole schedule! You can probably expect 3-4 hours per week, but that’s broken up into meetings, attending events, and doing things you already do daily – just with your brothers!

How Does The Expansion Process Work?

Our national headquarters has two consultants who work “on site” at a campus for over a month. While there, consultants collaborate and work with university administrators, staff, faculty, Greek Life and Student Life offices. They also work with other student organizations to help generate interest and start to build a reputation for the future ATO Colony. Most importantly they spend their time connecting with men who are leaders on campus to show them the opportunities that ATO has to offer.

Aren't All Fraternities Just Like The One In "Animal House"?

While Greeks enjoy an active social experience, it’s only a small portion of what it means to be a fraternity man. Looking at all fraternities through the lens of movies like “Animal House” is just perpetuating stereotypes. Last year alone, ATOs across the country raised over $8 million in service for many different causes! Too often, the stereotypical actions of individual Greek members are portrayed in today’s media, while ignoring the overwhelmingly positive impact chapters have in their communities and on the lives of our members overall.

What Are ATO's Values?

ATO prides itself on being the first fraternity in history to be founded based upon Judeo Christian values and principles. Rather than founding ATO with Greek Mythology in mind, founder Otis Allan Glazebrook saw Judeo Christian values as a significantly more stable foundation and guide for young leaders to live their lives by. However, ATO accepts men of faith and no faith at all.

What Is The Difference Between A Colony And A Chapter?

There is little difference between an ATO colony and an ATO chapter. Both colonies and chapters attend National Leadership Conferences, host brotherhood events, plan social events, organize philanthropic and service opportunities, and push each other in the classroom. However, chapters practice our fraternity’s secret Ritual, which all initiated members come to know.

Aren't I Just Paying For Friends?

If joining a fraternity meant only paying for a close circle of friends, then ATO’s mission as a fraternity would be far from met. By coming together with likeminded men and combining your resources, you can achieve things that might have just seemed like a really great idea discussed over lunch. Ideas like raising thousands of dollars for a cause, planning a weekend lake retreat, and organizing social events become a reality when you work together with your brothers!

Will The Fraternity Help My Son With Job Placement After Graduation?

ATO is so much more than just the years you spend in college. Your time as an undergraduate ATO will without a doubt leave you with fond memories and a great deal of professional experience, but your journey as an ATO definitely doesn’t end after graduation. ATO is a lifelong organization with alumni all over the world, many who volunteer with chapters and mentor brothers. You will never have to say “I WAS an ATO in college”. No, “I AM an ATO for life!”