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Brother Alonso Attends Cadet Summer Training Advanced Camp

20 September

Brother David Alonso graduated 4th of his platoon at a Cadet Summer Training (CST) Advanced Camp. We are very proud of you David! Way to go! 

Trip to Malawi

20 September

Brother Kroll recently went to Malawi for his Magellan. Magellan trips are something that W&J offer to students that enables students to travel and explore their passions, complete an internship, or study abroad (More info: At Malawi, Brother Kroll kept a journal and made a song about his experiences…

Rush Event

20 September

This year, we had one of the best turnouts for our rush events for the fall rush. We had a huge participation by the brotherhood and from potential new members. We had a video game night and a cook out on our newly constructed outside patio. 

Brothers Have a Cookout

5 September

On Labor Day, the brothers hosted a cook out. At the cookout, hots dogs and burgers were served while brothers socialized. 

ATO Family Dinner

29 April

In our chapter, we love to have family dinners. Brother Geshey and his mother cooked dinner for the entire chapter. While eating the delicious food, the entire brotherhood bonded. 

ATO and Good Samaritan Fraternity

9 April

A bunch of Taus are active in the Good Samaritan Fraternity, a group on W&J campus that promotes being active on campus. Most recently, Taus and/in the Good Samaritan Fraternity played volleyball together. 

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