ATO HK takes the NM Legislative Session

New Mexico - Eta Kappa

By Nathan Cowan Jan 30, 2016

ATO HK takes the NM Legislative Session (New Mexico 20160129)

Every year, the New Mexico state legislator declares one day of its session “UNM Day”. This gives the University an opportunity to directly convey its priorities to the state in terms of legislation and funding. The Associated Students of UNM have a unique opportunity to use this day as a chance to visit every legislators office and let the voice of the students be heard. The job of organizing this whole day falls on the shoulders of ASUNM’s Executive Director of Governmental Affairs. Not only is the current director, Nathan Cowan, an ATO, but the last three directors have been. It’s nearly a tradition for that office to be painted blue and gold. On top of this, when 35 students traveled up to the capitol this year, 7 of them were Taus. Pictured left to right you have: Noah Brooks, ATO HK Treasurer Justin Cooper, ATO HK Social Chair Kyle Biederwolf, ATO HK Recruitment Nathan Cowan, ASUNM Gov Affairs Director & ATO HK Historian Zachary Lichtie James Clarke, ATO HK President Anand Macherla, ATO HK LLC Chair 

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