Beta Upsilon Brotherhood Camping!

Maine - Beta Upsilon

By Bentley Simpson Feb 25, 2019

Beta Upsilon Brotherhood Camping!

On Thursday night, a brother asked me if I wanted to go camping this weekend. It was short notice, but why not? We’re in Maine after all, so we never have to go too far to find a camp site. With a flurry of messages flying back and forth in a groupchat we worked out what supplies we needed and mobilized at incredible speeds. Under a setting sun and clearing sky we set foot on the snowy trail. Without delegating tasks, we all set about readying our camp site. Two started the fire, two set up the tent, one shoveled snow, and one lent a second set of hands where needed. By dark we had the tent set up; albeit short the one pole we’d managed to break. For hours we huddled around the fire sharing s’mores and pigs-in-a-blanket, watching the stars, diving deep into conversation, and cracking jokes. This was the same group of brothers that had spontaneously made a trip to Quebec City last spring, only this time we were led by our Chaplin into the Maine woods. We returned home at the end of this weekend feeling a deeper connection with our brothers; just as we had done in the past, and will do again in the future.

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