Brotherhood Event: Paintball

Samford - Kappa Rho

By Mitchell Drennen Nov 7, 2023

Brotherhood Event: Paintball

Each semester, Kappa Rho enjoys various brotherhood events coordinated by our brotherhood chairs. Over the past year, current brotherhood chair Noah Haworth has set up a plethora of fun events for brothers to get together and have lighthearted fun. One standout event from this semester was an afternoon of paintball at Central Alabama Paintball Park. Noah described the event, saying, “Our brotherhood really just knows how to have fun with anything and not take themselves too seriously. For example Donnie refused to wear a shirt during paintball because ‘he wanted it to hurt.’ That spirit of fun ridiculousness is shared by our whole chapter and makes my life as a brotherhood chair a lot easier. While I try to think of events our guys would really enjoy and would think are fun, it’s the brothers who really make the events as good as they are in the end.” It really is hard for the brothers of Kappa Rho to not enjoy time spent together. The spirit of commitment and the collective desire for brotherhood that brothers share makes enjoying time together incredibly easy, and the overall brotherhood of ATO at Samford consistently proves to be one of our most standout features.

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