Episode 1: Pomp 4 Purpose

Oklahoma State - Epsilon Omicron

By atolive Feb 17, 2018

Welcome to one of the most exciting homecoming celebrations in the nation – Oklahoma State.

Each year during homecoming; fraternities, sororities and campus organizations pair together to build enormous house decorations. They begin planning and designing months in advance, and then thousands of hours are dedicated to rolling up pieces of tissue paper to create the designs – a process known as “pomping”. This year, the Epsilon Omicron chapter was paired with Phi Mu.

On the Thursday night of homecoming week, “all night pomp” began. The groups stayed up all night installing the pomp on the decorations (decs) with all of it’s moving parts.
“You have the boom lift, and the scissor lift, and we’ll be up 18 feet high hanging this pomp,” said Chapter President, Cody Faulkenberry, Oklahoma State ’12.

On Friday night, the real festivities started when the Walkaround began. Thousands of people come to Stillwater to look at the house decs, play games, and eat food from vendors.

“Eighty to 90,000 people will come to Stillwater to tour the house decs and see how hard the fraternities, sororities, and organizations have worked,” said Head Homecoming Director, Mitchell Hauser,Oklahoma State ’13.

​Tthe Epsilon Omicron chapter started a new philanthropy called Pomp 4 Purpose during Walkaround. The philanthropy benefits the local YMCA and teaches people how to pomp. It’s a way for kids to see how the massive decs are made and a great way to spread the word about the local YMCA.

“It’s really something that we’ve wanted to make not just a signature event once in the spring, but where we can constantly help the YMCA and donate money to that group of individuals in the Stillwater community.” Faulkenberry said.

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