My ATO Experience: Brother Andrew Cheek

By Vatslav Orlov Sep 30, 2015

My ATO Experience: Brother Andrew Cheek (North Carolina State 20150930)

“To accurately describe my time in ATO would take pages, for pleasant memories teem over into my mind as I sit and reminisce on past experiences. As an introverted freshman, finding my niche within such a large university was by no means easy – the brothers of ATO, a collection of unique individuals, provided for me a foundation and path on which to stand and strive upon. Never before had I encountered a group so multivariate in talents and interests, a group of men both emphatic and welcoming. A friend, in the truest sense, moves beyond simple conversations and the enjoyment of good times – when the waters darken and a problem arises, friends are there to help you move along forward, to provide support. As a member of ATO I found such friends, brothers through thick and thin, and together we worked for communal betterment. That is, looking beyond our own self-interests we strove, side by side in stride, to make the world around us a better place – NC State, fellow fraternities, and the general Raleigh community. In ATO one learns to become a leader, to find metaphorical fire, how to act properly and to inspire.” – Brother Andrew Cheek 

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