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Georgia Tech - Beta Iota

By atolive Feb 21, 2018

Spencer Wyckoff, Georgia Tech ’06, got a chance to do something incredible — compete on American Ninja Warrior.

Wyckoff landed an audition on the show at the Atlanta Qualifier which aired on June 9th. You can watch that full episode here. But the 28-year old did not compete for himself — he did it for his sister.

Wyckoff’s sister, Carden, suffers from facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), making it very difficult to do everyday tasks like walking or getting in and out of a chair.

“It’s a very scary (disability), and heavy on the heart,” Wyckoff says in his audition tape.

His sister always dreamed of completing an obstacle course, so a while back Wyckoff completed his first obstacle course with his sister on his back.

While he wasn’t able to carry his sister on his back this time for the American Ninja Warrior audition, Wyckoff competed in the event to raise money and awareness for her disability. His family and friends were there to cheer him on.

Wyckoff wasn’t able to complete the course but his true character showed, and he was able to not only raise awareness for his sister but to also make her proud.

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