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By atolive Feb 20, 2018

Don’t tell Dalton Lemert, Alex Radelich and the guys at ARK Project Now that something is impossible.

Lemert, Purdue ’13, and Radelich co-founded ARK Project Now in 2012. If you haven’t heard of them by now, then check out their YouTube channel. The two started the non-profit organization with a simple mission — spread an epidemic of kindness. Over the last four years the organization has taken road trips to spread one act of random kindness at a time, which has led them on incredible journeys and stories.

You can read their full story in our latest spring 2016 edition of the ATO Palm magazine.

Photo by Perry Jay Grone

Most recently, the group headed out to southeast colleges to spread the word of their summer internship program, recruiting other groups to head out on their own road trips and spread kindness wherever they go. That trip randomly led them to Nashville, Tenn. where they met an aspiring country music artist diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer. ARK helped make his dream come true of performing his original song in front of a sold out crowd at the Grand Ole Opry.

Check out their video to see how they did it, and click here to support their cause.

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