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By Thomas De Angelus Jr. Mar 19, 2018

Virginia Tech – Theta Delta Chapter – Sweetheart Spotlight (Virginia Tech 20180319)

Sweetheart Spotlight emphasizes the integral part, and personal story, that women involved with the Theta Delta Chapter play in its’ success all across the board. This edition of ATO Sweetheart Spotlight features our very own senior, Diedre Fitzgerald. In addition to being a part of ATO, she is a sister of the sorority Pi Beta Phi. This is where she met her “big”, Katie. Katie introduced her to the fraternity being familiar with us because she was dating brother, Jay Horin. Ironically this fall, Diedre will actually be a bridesmaid at Katie and Jay’s wedding in November. Diedre became a sweetheart of ATO during the fall of her junior year at a football tailgate where she mentioned being “totally surprised!”. Since then, her favorite memory as a sweetheart is camping for two nights with the fraternity at the Battle of Bristol game versus Tennessee. Diedre contributes to ATO in many ways such as helping set up football tailgates. However, she says the most important things she does for the fraternity revolve around being a listener to brothers, someone they can always count on for a ride home, or even a table in the library. To Diedre, being a sweetheart means that she is willing to go above and beyond for any brother. She says that a sweetheart is someone that the brothers can count on to be there for the greatest and worst moments throughout life. Furthermore, Diedre thinks that her college experience would be totally different without ATO. She is going to miss spending time with the brothers each and every day, but she is excited to come back and visit as an alumnus. 

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