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By Thomas De Angelus Jr. Mar 11, 2018

Virginia Tech – Theta Delta Chapter – Tausday (Virginia Tech 20180311)

Before jumping into spring break, the Theta Delta Chapter participated in their weekly "Tausday" event. Tausday is a chance for our members to give back to their fellow Hokies with small acts of kindness. During a 15-minute interval between classes, brothers gather outside of a common classroom building to hand out free snacks to any person who walks by. Our Tausday Chair, Fabian Shelton had this to say on the event, "Tausday is always special, but this past Tausday was amazing. There were a lot of pledges that decided to show up, giving us the biggest chapter turnout since I've been in office. It was truly humbling to see the new guys already taking on responsibilities and getting to know some of the brothers better in the process. I definitely think these guys embody everything we look for in ATO men and I'm excited for the future as these guys continue to develop". Under Brother Shelton's direction, the campus at Virginia Tech is enlightened each Tuesday, with handing out different types of candy while putting smiles on faces all around. 

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