Pledge Class Postitions- Theta Zeta

By Daniel Bello Nov 4, 2015

Pledge Class Postitions- Theta Zeta (Southern Illinois 20151104)

So far every one of our pledge brothers that holds a position has done an exceptional job. Rob Harmon (Worthy Marshall)- He is our VP and is responsible for assisting our President (Mike Davis) and handling all of our internal affairs within the chapter. He steps up no matter what the deal is and shows a lot of promise. Tyler Demma (Worthy Chaplain) -Our pledge class chaplain does a great job at handling situations that may result in conflict between brothers. He also leads us in rituals, and prayers. He already shows great commitment for the chapter and genuinely wants the best for every member. Carson Lamie (Worthy Keeper of Exchequer)- Carson is our pledge class Treasurer, he handles all our financial responsibilities and makes sure we have the proper funds for any activities we are involved in. He has showed his responsibility and organization skills consistently through out the months. Brian Widmer (Social Service Coordinator)- Brian is in charge of the events we hold and help out with as a pledge class. He makes sure we show up and give our 100% at all our philanthropy events. He has shown his passion for giving to others and making our community a better place. It is great to have a group so involved and passionate about their positions and the improvement of the chapter. Love and Respect, Daniel Bello 

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