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By Christopher Black Oct 18, 2018

Virginia Tech - Theta Delta Chapter - Sweetheart Spotlight (Virginia Tech 20181018)

Caroline Bonnes was first introduced to our fraternity when she began dating Brother Chris Koscho. Both are from the same hometown and Chris introduced her to his friends in the fraternity during her first semester at Virginia Tech. Chris left to study abroad in Germany the following semester, but Caroline still found herself spending a lot of time with the brothers in ATO, and met some of her closest friends. She became a sweetheart last year, during the fall semester of her sophomore year. Some of her most memorable experiences are from events like Mountain Weekend and Spring Break. One of her favorite memories includes her “Sunday Movie Night” tradition that she takes part in with a group of brothers. Caroline says, “I love Movie Night because it’s a great break from the stresses of school and extracurriculars, and is a relaxing way to start every week. It’s something I always have to look forward to, and something my week doesn’t feel complete without.” She feels that she contributes the most to ATO by her involvement in our philanthropy. Her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega (AXO), supports the same philanthropy as our chapter, which has given her many opportunities to get involved. She is the internal co-philanthropy chair for AXO and is involved in the ATO philanthropy committee as well. She created the decorations for our signature philanthropy event, the Carnival Cookoff, and helped the co-philanthropy chairs bring the event to life. Beyond philanthropy, she strives to maintain the relationships she has made with all brothers in the fraternity and makes an impact on every brother she talks to. To Caroline, a sweetheart is someone who represents the chapter and provides unconditional support for every brother. She says that the sweethearts bring unique perspectives to the chapter and are expected to hold themselves and the brothers accountable to the values of the fraternity. As a sweetheart, she strives to be a friend to everyone, a link to other communities and organizations, and a meaningful resource to the chapter. Overall, being a sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega has been one of the most meaningful involvements of her college career. With each memory ATO has given her, she feels more and more lucky to be one of the few women selected to represent a group of men like ATO, and the brothers of the Theta Delta chapter are lucky to have her as a part of our fraternity. 

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