Why I’m still so into my fraternity, 40 years after college…

Ball State - Theta Alpha

By Matt Smith Sep 8, 2015

Why I'm still so into my fraternity, 40 years after college... (Ball State 20150908)

Two Ball State Alumni world travelers were back in Indianapolis for a visit over the Labor Day weekend. The arrival of Gary Rice (Mu Class ’78) and Don Hornbeck (Nu Class ’79) was used as an occasion to rally alumni and undergrads for some brotherly time together at a local restaurant. The next day, Brother Jeff DeWitt (’72) reflected on “why I’m still so into my fraternity…” Brother DeWitt wrote on the chapter’s alumni Facebook page: When someone asks why I’m still so into my fraternity, 40 years after college… This is it. • Sharing a great evening with real Friends. • Strong and lasting bonds of Friendship that reach out over decades and continents. • Continuing to meet and establish those bonds with older and younger new Friends. • Seeing that look again, hearing that laugh, and the grip of a Friend’s hand. • Catching up with each other and sharing updates and greetings from Friends who couldn’t be there. • Remembering lots of fun times from the past, but mostly talking about what’s next for each other and for the group. • Connecting countless years of life and career experience and contacts to support each other and the group. • Knowing this will never end if I keep investing. What’s it cost? • Next to nothing… a few hours… a few dollars… spread over a lifetime. What’s it worth? • What’s real Friendship worth? This is it. This is why. This is ATO, and these are my Brothers. 

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