Clemson ATO cleans up the neighborhood

Nov 17, 2010

CLEMSON — Bright yellow piles of leaves lined Wiggington Street on Sunday afternoon as homeowners and the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega from the chapter at Clemson University walked the area for the traditional bi-annual neighborhood cleanup.

Mac Miller, a sophomore studying financial management, organized the cleanup this year with the help of Clemson University’s EMpower program and local residents.

“We like to show that we’re here for the community, for Clemson, not just ATO,” said Miller.

Alpha Tau Omega has had an unofficial fraternity house on the street since 2005, and the brothers started doing the cleanup last year in part to show they can coexist with the established residents, including several professors, who have lived there for decades.

“I think they have a good relationship with the neighbors,” said Jim London, who has lived on the street for 25 years. “It definitely improves relations when they chip in and keep the neighborhood clean.”

Participants cleared leaves and picked up fast food bags, beer cans and paper along Wiggington Street and North Clemson Avenue, in Clemson’s historic west end tucked behind downtown. Only 45 minutes into the cleanup, at least five 30-gallon trash bags were full.

This year, Elaine Richardson, a Wiggington Street resident and member of the Clemson Community Coalition, planned a post-cleanup meet-and-greet to encourage a neighborly relationship between the fraternity members and their neighbors.

“That’s what this is all about,” said Kathy Cauthen of EMpower. “It’s looking out for your neighbors.”


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