Emerging Leaders at Marshall

Oct 16, 2013

THETA OMICRON (Marshall)—Alpha Tau Omega is gearing up for fall by creating a pledge executive board for its fall pledges.

This is the first semester that Alpha Tau Omega has had a pledge board.

Jack Stonesifer, president of Alpha Tau Omega, said that it was good to have these positions due to the amount of pledges they had this year. The idea behind a pledge board is to continue building leadership inside the fraternity as well as out into the community.

The fraternity has had a pledge president and vice president in the past, but with the amount of talent, experience and drive, as well as the overwhelming numbers, Stonesifer said it was best to add these new roles.

The new roles were created by the executive board and are pledge treasurer, house manager, social officer, fundraising officer and public relations officer. The pledges nominated each other for the roles.

Stonesifer said those on the board are required to go to meetings, create their own goals and must have 15 hours of community service as well as plan one service and fundraising event themselves.

Luke Cooley, freshmen business major and pledge vice president, said his hope is to plan various fundraisers and community service events with his fellow pledge board members. His ultimate goal as pledge vice president is to help the fraternity achieve the chapter of excellence award.

Cooley was nominated for pledge vice president, and according to Stonesifer won by a landslide.

“I think it’s a really good idea for freshmen to experience leadership positions and be able to have their say in the fraternity right off the bat,” Cooley said.

Robert Dean, freshmen biology major and pledge public relations officer, said his position would require him to promote the fraternity through social media. Dean said he has the skills required to perform his role well and hopes to promote future events and fundraisers Alpha Tau Omega has.

According to Stonesifer, it hadn’t even been 24 hours and the pledge board was already putting together its first fundraiser.

Jacob Preston, sophomore criminal justice major and pledge president, will see over every individual and relay what the pledges are planning for events and fundraisers to the executive board. Preston plans to use his position to meet and make goals for the fraternity this semester.

“By doing this for the first time this semester, my hope is that it will be a continuing legacy,” Stonesifer said. “We are America’s leadership development fraternity. Every pledge can take a huge step in helping the fraternity and also any organization become a true leader in their own right.”

*Original article credited to The Parthenon: http://go.ato.org/1bX5wwa


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