Freezathon Brings in More Than $10,000 for Nokomis

Mar 27, 2014

EPSILON DELTA (North Dakota State)—Those who put togeth­er the Freezathon tried to put smiles on a lot of faces be­fore NDSU students took off for spring break.

“I just don’t know what we’d do without them,” di­rector of Nokomis Child Care Centers of the Villages Jane Greminger said. “They are fabulous to us; every year they go out and they stand out in the cold. They are so positive about it and have so much endurance.”

Members of Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Delta en­dured the elements, includ­ing lows under 20 degrees, for Nokomis Child Care Centers earlier this month. The fraternity and sorority held their annual Freezathon the week of March 9.

More than $10,388 will be bestowed to the centers — a total that does not in­clude the 40-plus pounds of change that has yet to be totaled.

The Freezathon included an around-the-clock staff of money-collectors on the cor­ner of University Drive and 12th Ave. N, near the Loaf ‘N Jug, along with a group of collectors stationed at the Memorial Union during se­lect hours. Generous patrons dug into their pockets to contribute to the drive.

The brothers and sisters, along with a $4,000 match from the Dakota Medical Foundation, raised $10,388.

Kyle Dillon, a senior studying construction man­agement and chair of Alpha Tau Omega’s health and wellness committee, did not mind his shifts outside. In fact, March 13 saw the high in Fargo peak at 58 degrees, when Dillon was campaigning.

“I got my pick of the lit­ter,” Dillon said, “While a lot of new guys get stuck with the late-night shifts, I did my share of the late-night shifts.”

Members of both the fra­ternity and sorority noted that the after-hours shifts are not as bad as they seem. Dillon’s favorite part of the Freezathon, however, is the kids.

“Sometimes the Noko­mis kids will come out here and spend the hour — that’s always a treat to see those kids and hang out with them,” Dillon said. “I just enjoy hanging out with my brothers and sisters of Kap­pa Delta.”

Keenan Hemming, a ju­nior studying construction management and philan­thropy chair for Alpha Tau Omega, agrees.

“I think the best part is just being out there and see­ing people donate money and trying to raise money for the kids,” Hemming said.

“We appreciate them and everything they do,” Grem­inger said. “Their passion, their desire to help this com­munity and help these chil­dren… The support really does help (children) achieve more. ATO and Kappa Delta have been fundamental in this.”

The money raised goes to funding the centers, which provides a quality place for children who are in need of physical and emotional sup­port. Greminger said schol­arships are also offered via these donations.

“They are just fantastic, wonderful folk. We are just so grateful for their sup­port,” Greminger said. “We love them. We love them and thank them from the bottom of our hearts.”

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