Intramural sports spur healthy competition

Oct 5, 2011

ZETA OMICRON (Indiana State) — Intramural sports seasons take place every semester at ISU, allowing students to participate in competition but leaves some to wonder how this affects student relationships.

During the fall semester, Greek organizations and teams of independent students alike sign up to play sports such as flag football and dodgeball.

Some students may believe the Greek system is only a competition between sororities and fraternities, with intramurals being just another aspect of this competition. However the view differs on the impact of intramurals on the Greek system and among independent students.

The two viewpoints are that intramurals bring members of different organizations closer together and that intramurals actually create a divide that can continue off the field.

There would not be different fraternities if some competition did not exist, said Cory Hemmings, Indiana State ’10, a member of Alpha Tau Omega. We also compete for awards and honors to make us proud to be in our specific fraternity, he said.

“Arguments and fights do not normally occur,” said Mike Berdowski, intramural sports referee. “We do not have a problem usually. People know what is expected.”

Monday, Sept. 26th, was the championship flag football game between Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega.

The championship game is the height of competition during the season, but those in attendance had similar feelings on the issue.

“Intramurals show camaraderie and sportsmanship,” said Michael Alvis, member of Alpha Tau Omega. “All sororities and fraternities come out to support their sisters, brothers, pairings, etc.

“Intramurals bring us closer together a lot more,” said Jade Jones, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha. “It provides somewhat of a rival, which is harder to find at the college level. Intramurals provide the opportunity to grow as a team and to better individuals as well as entire fraternities and sororities.”

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