K-State Tau, Danny Unruh, running for SGA

Feb 19, 2010

Danny Unruh and Annie Oliver have announced their campaign for student body president and vice president. Both senators have served in Student Senate for three years.

Unruh, junior in food science and industry and political science, said he is running for president to provide his service to the university since it has provided services for him. Oliver, junior in life sciences, said that as vice president, she wants K-State to maintain the practices that brought her to where she is today.

The pair’s campaign is built on three beliefs, Unruh said.

“First, we believe in financial accountability,” he said. “Everything that happens financially in Anderson Hall must be transparent.”

He said that an Unruh/Oliver administration would be responsible with student privilege fees. These fees are incorporated into the tuition students pay and the senate allocates the funds for campus groups, activities and services.

“Danny and I want the students to know where their money is going and why it is going where it is going,” Oliver said.

Another goal of the campaign is to create an enhanced classroom learning experience, Unruh said.

“We will focus on how K-State students like to learn,” Unruh said. “The goal is to create an easy-to-understand message about what K-State students want to see in their classrooms, from multimedia use to in-class demonstrations.”

The final component of the two’s platform focuses on sustainability with three factors to focus on. Bringing K-State back into the top half of Big 12 universities is the first goal. Unruh said he believes the pair can do this by fixing minor issues that require minimal cost.

The campaign’s goal of sustainability involves responsible decision making by Unruh and Oliver’s administration on behalf of students’ interests. Unruh said that the family atmosphere at K-State is something he and Oliver wish to maintain. Unruh and Oliver also hope to increase global diversity at K-State.

“Annie and I want a K-State degree to signify experience in diversity and the global world we live in,” Unruh said. “Therefore, we will support diversity programming and the Office of Study Abroad.”

Unruh and Oliver’s campaign motto for the election is “Believing in You.” Unruh said that if their administration does its job to give students the chance for success, K-State can be the best undergraduate experience in the Big 12.

“We liked this motto because, as students of K-State, we have been given the chance to engage in so much and to accomplish anything that we set our minds to,” Oliver said. “K-State has believed in us and we believe in K-State too.”

To view the campaign’s site, go to dannyandannie.org.


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