MTSU Taus Host Campus Blood Drive

Mar 31, 2011

ETA NU (Middle Tennessee State) — Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity embraced giving back to the community Tuesday by holding a blood drive in front of its fraternity house on Greek Row.

The blood drive, sponsored by Blood Assurance, a nonprofit, full-service regional blood center, hoped to reach a goal of 35 pints of blood by the end of the day.

This goal was something that both the organization and members of the fraternity were highly optimistic and confident about reaching. The total number of pints donated will not be calculated until later this week, Gates said.

“I definitely think we can reach our goal,” said Patrick Hoque, a sophomore majoring in engineering technology.

Members said they wanted to make donors feel as comfortable as possible by playing music and cooking food.

“We wanted as many people as possible to participate,” Hoque said. “The turnout has been pretty good.”

James Lee, a freshman majoring in biology, set the blood drive up.

The blood drive lasted from noon until 5 p.m., and within that time period approximately 120 people came out to donate blood.

“The first time we held a blood drive, there was only 23 people who showed up,” Lee said. “We more than doubled that amount this time.”

Tara-Lee Gates, donor recruiter for Blood Assurance, emphasized the organization’s compassion for giving back to the community.

Statistics show that only 6 percent of healthy Americans donate blood, Gates said, adding that this is something Blood Assurance hopes to change slowly but surely.

Gates said it is important to make donors calm and comfortable while they give blood in order for them to come back and donate again.

“We take time and explain everything to people,” Gates said. “If you make the experience a nice experience, people will come back.”

Many of the participants were first time donors, such as Whitney Hopper, a freshman majoring in animal science.

“They made the experience very comfortable,” Hopper said. “If given the chance, I would give blood again.”

It is important to thank those who give blood, Gates said.

“One thing we do is say ‘thank you,'” Gates said. “It’s simple but goes a long way because we really do appreciate what people give. People who give blood save lives.”

The total number of pints donated will not be calculated until later this week, Gates said.


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