National Headquarters sending out UniLOA Survey

Feb 24, 2010

ATO is a part of a pilot nationwide student survey called UniLOA (University Learning Outcomes Assessment). It’s important because for the first time, university researchers are looking at the impact of fraternity life on members’ ability to demonstrate qualities employers say they are looking for in personnel. In other words, until now, we have generally relied on anecdotal information on the soft-skill benefits of being part of ATO. Anecdotes are nice, but proof is better. The UniLOA survey is scientifically design to prove the benefits of life in ATO.

We first curveyed chapters two years ago and are now moving to year three to begin establishing trends. The information we learn will be shared with you and your chapter so that you, among other things, can be definitive in the positive benefits of fraternity life. The survey also helps us identify strengths among ATOs compared to the general campus population.

Because we know it’s a bit of a hassle to have you and your chapters complete the survey, Sandra Ross has tried to make it as convenient as possible. The box that you will soon be receiving at your chapter contains enough questionnaires for your chapter, the ScanTron sheets, a postage paid return envelope, and even No. 2 pencils.

The deadline for all surveys is Wednesday, March 24. So as soon as they arrive, be sure to get them done as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, you can get a hold of your Leadership Consultant or Sandra Ross at


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