Pepperdine ATO wins awards for his production, Awaken Honduras

Mar 10, 2010

Awaken Honduras from REELSTORIES FilmFest on Vimeo.

In June of 2008, JJ Star, Pepperdine ’07, traveled from Los Angeles to Honduras on a mission to capture the shocking reality that the children of Honduras face each and every day.

“I dealt mostly with kids living just outside of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras,” said Starr. “The kids featured are faced with working long hours in a trash dump collecting anything that they can find to make money. The conditions of the dump are very bad and kids are often injured and/or killed. The documentary highlights a school that was created across the street from the dump in order to stop kids from working in it and receive an education.”

Starr’s short documentary already received two awards at the REELSTORIES FilmFest, and it hasn’t even been completed yet. “This is only the rough cut, I’m hoping to finish the final by June of 2010,” said Starr.

“Awaken Honduras” was named the winner of the Reel Cause Award and was also announced as the Grand Prize Selection. Congratulations to Brother Starr, and good luck completing your film.


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