2021 Founders Day Remarks from ATO National President Howe Wallace

Sep 10, 2021




Dear ATO Brothers,

Every member of Alpha Tau Omega has a unique alternative when September 11 comes around this year

We can associate it with the tragedy that occurred in the United States twenty years ago when our nation was shocked by a vicious attack. Well we should remember all that were affected

But, we have the option to offer a prayer of thanks for  Otis Allen Glazebrook, Erskine Mayo Ross, and Alfred G. Marshall for their desire to create a brotherhood “based on eternal and immutable principles with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity”.

Candidly, it’s hard to imagine that these young men had the ambition that their brotherhood of reconciliation would still be making a difference 156 years later. It’s clear they intended to make a difference in a world that needed a fresh approach.

It’s evident that they intended to recruit men and inspire them to work together for good.

They saw it was important to break down the barriers that existed because of where one might live or what politics had guided him. “Let’s promote good morals and service to one another. Let’s offer respect and love to those we encounter. Let’s promote community building where we live and travel.”

While their ambition may have been to create a better situation in the world in 1865, we still share that ambition today. The work of Alpha Tau Omega has not been completed.

We still need men to “Live the Creed” of our fraternity. “Eternal and immutable” principles don’t lose their relevance. They don’t fall out of style.


Love and Respect,
Howe Q. Wallace Jr.
ATO National President


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