Founders Day Remarks from ATO National President Howe Wallace

Sep 11, 2020

Dear ATO Brothers,

In 1880, Otis Allan Glazebrook hosted a congress at his house in Macon GA. The fraternity was just 15 years old. It’s future far from certain. I think the Congress was designed to give the fraternity a second wind, a chance to survive.

We know that Brother Otis had brushed up the ritual we still use and authored the creed which we still live by.

He was 15 years into his adult life, married with children and the dynamic rector of a thriving church. By then, I think he had been road testing the principles we hold dear.

He was learning the power of seeking and adhering to the truth.

He understood the wisdom of living a life of virtue which allowed him to be a faithful husband, a supportive father, an inspirational churchman and an effective community leader.

He had discovered that loving others unconditionally led one to a life of meaning and joy. That if he led with love he could not fail.

So, by 1880, I believe that the Alpha Tau Omega creed flowed from his heart unabated. He knew that he was on the path to a good life. He knew that he could commend our values through our creed without reservation.

Reflecting upon Glazebrook causes me to share this insight.

If I’m candid, I would tell you that I joined ATO looking for some people who could me sort through the loneliness of my arrival at college. When I was rushing, not one person told me that I was really going to love the ritual and the creed.

If I am candid, I figured this fraternity would be another experience that contributed to my path toward adulthood. But it would be something I put down as moved from college to adulthood and pursued my life in the world.

Obviously, 46 years later, I haven’t found that to be the case. In my opinion, the blessing of “living the creed” your whole life is one of the greatest you’ll ever receive.

Whether a recent initiate or a member for 50 years, most men of Alpha Tau Omega can recite the creed on demand.

These days of uncertainty and unrest calls for leadership wherever each of us may stand. Our fraternity has equipped us to lead courageously with conviction. We can challenge the limits. Gather those with the merits to contribute. Contend mightily for the elevation of our families, communities and nation to higher ground.

I trust this glorious Founder’s Day finds you “living” out the promise of the Creed.

Thank you to all that have donated to the ATO Foundation. If you haven’t given yet for the ATO Week of Giving, there is still time!


Love and Respect,
Howe Q. Wallace Jr.
ATO National President


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