ATO going Hollywood

Feb 26, 2010

Actors Owen Wilson and Amanda Bynes will arrive on the Emory campus today (February 25, 2010) to film a scene for “Hall Pass,” a comedy directed by Bobby and Peter Farrely to be released next year.

David McClurkin, filming liaison for Emory University and business development manager of marketing, said that Emory is one of 42 locations of filming in Georgia and that Emory alum JB Rogers (’86C) is working on the movie as first assistant director.

The film crew will arrive on campus at 8 a.m. and set up during the day at the Kappa Alpha Order (KA) and Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) houses. Filming will begin this evening and Eagle Row will be closed until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

The two fraternity houses will be transformed into sorority houses for the film, McClurkin said.

“Emory won’t be featured by any means,” McClurkin said, “but Emory has what looks like really authentic [Greek life] houses that look good in front of the camera.”

McClurkin said that Emory will be paid for providing the location.

College senior and ATO member Stephen Beehler said the ATO and KA houses have a classic fraternity character that was needed for the movie location.

“It’s pretty exciting,” he said. “Emory gets a lot of offers to have movies come and film on the campus and they don’t always accept those offers. We have a beautiful campus and this is a chance for us to show it off. It’ll be nice to see ATO on the big screen in a couple of months.”

College sophomore and ATO member Thomas Anderson agreed.

“It’s really cool just to be selected [as a filming location]. It will be really cool to look back at that movie years from now and see that we were part of it and that Emory was a part of it,” he said.

College senior and KA member Robert Conrad said his fraternity is especially excited to see celebrities like Wilson and Bynes.


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