ATO reigns supreme at Stephen F. Austin State

Apr 8, 2010

Greek Week is noted for the unique and fun way it brings the Greek life societies on campus together for a mix of sporting competitions and philanthropic pursuits. This year’s winners of Greek Week for fraternities is Alpha Tau Omega, and it is estimated to be their 12th win out of the 18 or so years that Greek Week has served as a tradition at SFA.

“It’s a pride thing,” says Houston graduate student and former president Derrest “Buddy” Williams. “Fraternities boast and brag about their athleticism all year long, and Greek Week is the chance to prove yourselves.”

The sporting side of the activities that go on during the week incorporates a wide range of games in which each fraternity competes. They include ultimate frisbee, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, flag football, racquetball, softball and sports trivia questions. There are points awarded for placing first, second and third in each of the sporting events, and points are accumulated to determine a winner.

Alpha Tau Omega helped rack up points by winning both basketball and flag football. Williams attributes the athletic experience of his fraternity to their high participation in the annual intramural sports tournaments hosted by the SFA Student Recreational Center.

“More than just the bragging rights,” Williams continued, “Greek Week brings everyone in the fraternity together. It was really great getting to watch some of the younger members really step up in the basketball game to bring the guys together as a team.”

The other side of Greek Week is when all the fraternities step up to do extra community service. There is an annual canned food drive, and Williams estimates that they bring in a total of about 600 cans each week.

New this year to the Greek Week philanthropy is time spent at the Boys and Girls Club volunteering with the children there.

“It was great watching the guys hang out with the kids there,” Williams said.

Part of what Greek Week demonstrates are some of the benefits of being a member of a Panhellenic society. Williams talked of how his involvement with Alpha Tau Omega has shown that fraternities can be a place where close friendships, understandings of responsibility, and growth as an individual are acquired.

“You really learn how to develop into a leader,” he said, “and events like Greek Week teach you how to deal with pressure situations.”


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