America’s College-Man Development Fraternity

With a focus on college man development Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity provides distinctive opportunities for members to strengthen their individual leadership and brotherhood connections. 

By its very nature, fraternity helps develop interpersonal skills.    However, ATO wants our undergraduate brothers to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Starting with the expansive and inclusive ATO Creed that “know no North, no South, no East, no West, but man as man” to “directed” Good of the Order, ATO offers our chapters strategies for brothers to engage and encourage.  Men who better understand and practice true brotherhood are ATOs who thrive.

Chapter Signature Events are designed to encourage each chapter to support the social service or charitable organization that means the most to the chapter.  ATOs donate in excess of $4 million annually and contribute more than x hours.  ATO believes a strong chapter/community connection through service is key to a strong and vibrant chapter.

“Men of Destiny” anchors our undergraduate leadership and development strategy.  Every member has unique opportunities to gain personal and professional insights normally reserved for seasoned professionals years or decades into their careers.  Men of Destiny helps ATOs think about how what they are passionate about overlaps with helping their communities, our nation or the world.  The Birkman Assessment, our ATO/Kaplan partnership and ATO’s (financial coaching (whatever the name of Jed’s program is) combine with robust chapter officer and emerging leader experiences to help ATOs Lead.