Southern Illinois Tau coming to cable

Oct 22, 2010

Paul Pabst, Southern Illinois ’88, will be making his national cable television debut with The Dan Patrick Show on Monday, Oct. 25. Pabst serves as one of the show’s two executive producers.

The show is a hybrid TV/Radio broadcast, which airs the dirty laundry. “DirecTV took a radio show and seamlessly developed it into a hybrid of radio and television in one show,” said Dan Patrick. “It’s not us doing a radio show with two cameras showing us talking. We will show you the good and bad of what goes on during a show and during the breaks. If we screw up, we can’t hide it.”

The innovative TV show, based on the nationally syndicated weekday radio program, The Dan Patrick Show, will be launched on FSN’s network of regional sports networks including DIRECTV’s three regional sports networks beginning Monday, Oct. 25. The show airs live, from 9 a.m. to noon ET, Monday through Friday.


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