UNC-Charlotte (Lambda Delta) Charters

May 1, 2019

Alpha Tau Omega is proud to announce our most recent chartering.  On April 20th, the National Fraternity initiated 43 men at the installation ceremony of the Lambda Delta chapter at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

After dedicating years of hard work and effort towards establishing themselves, colony members gathered on Saturday the 20th to begin their official new journey of friendship.

“All the brothers are amazing and willing to help one another. There’s never been a point in time where I’ve looked at the brotherhood and thought I don’t want to be around them,” reflected newly initiated brother Mateo Sejas.

Steve Gress, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for UNC-Charlotte also described the culture of the group. “It’s a very strong culture. They’ve bonded very quickly, especially for being a new group of young men” he said. “they’ve really learned to work together, trust each other, and support each other. They’ve been able to divide responsibilities and everyone’s been able to do a really good job picking up their own piece to make the organization work.”

“It’s been great,” said Chapter President Daniel Peccerilli about chartering, “knowing we’ve hit our first major milestone makes me very happy… next up is True Merit and Fraternity of the Year at UNC-Charlotte. Hit them both, that’s the goal.”


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