ATOs Partner with Student Organizations for Haiti Relief Efforts

Jan 20, 2010

Students Greek and non-Greek alike gathered on the lawn of the Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) house Monday afternoon to join together in an effort to help the victims of the recent Haiti earthquake.

Haitian BBQ from Knight News on Vimeo.

UCF was quick in its response to the news of this tragedy; not letting more than a day or so go by before students organized fundraising for the people of Haiti. One group, Club Kreyol (the campus organization representing Creole speaking countries and cultures) has been at the frontlines of the recent relief efforts.

Before teaming up with the Inter Fraternal Council (IFC) and ATO, they organized other events such as last week’s vigil and have said that there will be many more to come. Best said in the words of Club Kreyol’s Vice President, “The News might forget about what’d going on in Haiti, but we won’t.” Club Kreyol coordinated this barbeque with IFC, and ATO offered to host the event at their fraternity house. All UCF students, families and friends were welcome to food, music and fun on the ATO lawn.

The event staff simply asked for a 5-dollar monetary donation or 5 dollars worth of goods to donate to earthquake victims (canned food, clothing, supplies). The event got a great turnout, with the barbeque wrapping around the front of the house. It was a great day for UCF students to band together and do their part to help the victims of the recent tragedy in Haiti.


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