Breakfast time at Oklahoma State

Oct 15, 2009

While taking in the sights at this year’s Walkaround, homecoming visitors near the Alpha Tau Omega house should watch for wayward flyings eggs.

Instead of traditional house decs, ATO constructs what it calls the EggerATOr.  It is a wooden platform where house members stand as the crowd pelts them with raw eggs.

Eggs are $1 for one, $5 for six and $10 for 12. The fraternity receives eggs and cash donations from local businesses.

Wayne Harber, a senior accounting major and homecoming co-director for the ATO house, helped organize this year’s house dec.

“We decided that instead of spending $50,000 on all the other decs, we could raise anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital,” Harber said.

St. Jude’s is ATO’s national philanthropic organization. They are trying to move toward local organizations, Harber said.

Last year ATO raised $2,700, and this year they hope to collect more than $3,500.

Six house members stand on the two story platform during Walkaround. Goggles and a veil of chicken wire, which helps break the shells of the incoming eggs, are their only protection. Every member of the house will take a turn on the EggerATOr.

Ben Carlson, an international business senior and ATO member, helped build the EggerATOr.

“It’s a little cold, and the eggs are a little scary when the baseball team shows up,” Carlson said.

Members will be dressed as University of Missouri fans and will root for the Missouri Tigers.

This year will feature the Egg-a-pult, a catapult modified to throw eggs for small children who can’t make the throw to the chicken wire.

In the past, they would let the children smash eggs on their heads but they thought it would be more fun if the children got to interact with something, Harber said.

The members enjoy the egging because it provides a good time for a good cause, he said.
“Love us, hate us or indifference, come throw an egg, save a child,” Harber said.


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