Marshall ATO Collaborates with Greek Life to Provide Water Crisis Aid

Jan 22, 2014

THETA OMICRON (Marshall)—Greek organizations Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Zeta and Alpha Sigma Phi collaborated with one another Saturday to make water donations to those affected by the water crisis.

After compiling 15 cases of water, members of Alpha Tau Omega drove to Charleston to make a donation to the area most affected by the chemical spill. At the capitol, they were directed to West Virginia State University, where water was needed the most.

“Once we heard about the water situation we really wanted to help make a difference in the community and help anyone effected by the crisis,” Joey Jacob, community service chair for Alpha Tau Omega, said. “The main reason we decided to help donate was to encourage others to help as well. It’s hard to imagine if something like this were to happen in Huntington on Marshall’s campus.”

Delta Zeta and Alpha Sigma Phi worked together to make water donations to the Belle Fire Department. Delta Zeta collected 15 cases of water as well as 10 jugs of water. Then, members of Alpha Sigma Phi delivered the water to the fire department.

“We have a lot of sisters from surrounding areas affected by the chemical spill, so it really hit home with some of our chapter members,” Chelsea Somerdielle, community service chair for Delta Zeta, said. “Once we heard about all of the people in need we just had to help.”

Marshall Greeks plan to continue making donations and helping those in need.

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