Cupcake Throwdown Throws Down Big Hit

Mar 26, 2014

KAPPA ALPHA (Texas-Arlington)—The Alpha Chi Cupcake Bandits took 1st place with their cream cheese cupcakes during Wednesday’s Cupcake Throwdown hosted by Alpha Tau Omega.

Four teams competed from 7 to 9 p.m. in University Center Rio Grande Ballroom A, trying to impress the three judges from Alpha Tau Omega.

About 80 people showed up to taste the creations of the four teams, named Alpha Chi Cupcake Bandits, Delta Ovengers, Lone Star Zetas, and S’more Girls. Each team had to create and decorate their cupcakes to fit the theme, Western Adventures.

“I’m happy that all the sororities came out and gave us these homemade, creative and fattening cupcakes,” biology senior Joaquin Castillo said.

The first team to be judged was S’more Girls, which was not affiliated with a sorority or fraternity. They created s’mores cupcakes using cocoa, graham crackers and chocolate to create a graham cracker-filled chocolate cupcake, topped with even more graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

Along with their cupcakes, the team also had treats at the table made of s’more ingredients, including graham cracker crust pops and truffles.

The second team was Lone Star Zetas from Zeta Tau Alpha, who created colorful cupcakes consisting of vanilla, chocolate and white chocolate drizzle and strawberry. Their cupcakes were topped with paper stars and cowboy hats.

The team Alpha Chi Cupcake Bandits from Alpha Chi Omega was up next for judging. The team created vanilla, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes, all topped with cream cheese. Mustaches were dispersed across their table.

The final team was Delta Ovengers from Tri Delta. The team’s cupcakes were strawberry lemonade with real strawberries used for the cake and on top. The icing was lemon flavored and homemade. They had full cups topped with a fondant sheriff badge on top and mini cups. Their table was adorned with a picnic blanket pattern.

During the event, the ballroom buzzed with loud music provided by a DJ, and students enjoyed free drinks, dancing and socializing.

“Alpha Tau Omega did a great job putting this event together,” psychology senior Sarpreet Singh said.

In the end, five awards were presented and the winners were each given a trophy and had their picture taken.

Third place was given to Delta Ovengers, second place went to Lone Star Zetas and first went to Alpha Chi Cupcake Bandits, while the award for best presentation went to S’more Girls.

Finally, a fan favorite award was chosen by students who voted by putting coins in mason jars on the table they liked the best. The award went to the Delta Ovengers.

Proceeds from the night’s ticket sales will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Next year, the fraternity hopes to continue this event with six or seven teams and plans to host it in the University Center Palo Duro Lounge, political science junior and Alpha Tau Omega member Jamiel Sale said.

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